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Nano Ceramic Protect® (NCP) sells some of the best ceramic coating products in the industry. When you need an expert to apply NCP products to your vehicle, turn to Nano of Acadiana. We have over seven years of experience providing ceramic protective coating installation services to car owners in the Scott, LA area. You can trust us to apply the NCP products thoroughly to protect your car from minor scratches, grime and scuff marks.

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There is nothing better than ceramic coatings made by Nano Ceramic Protect®. Nanoformula, the brand owner of Nano Ceramic Protect® is an inventor and the exclusive producer of 9 world famous car-care cosmetics. Ever heard about NCP Fabric Protector, NCP Upholstery Cleaner Aerosol or NCP Shampoo? Now we create brand new series of Ceramic Protective Coatings made in the highest standards of nanotechnology. Our ceramic protective coatings, especially Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H product gives you the protection and molecular ceramic 3D structure.

We guarantee: it has the best quality currently available on a market.

What's so unique in NCP's Ceramic Protective Coatings?
Nano Ceramic Protect® Soft, Nano Ceramic Protect® Crystal Wax and Nano Ceramic Protect® Hard 9H is sparkling with a ceramic reflective glaze and becomes hydrophobic. The product creates an invisible protective layer with a hardness of 9H.

It makes the car body even three times more resistant to scratches, UV rays and temperatures.

Nano Ceramic Protect® is a molecular 3D technics, the highest standard of nanotechnology in the interior and car body. It means your car is fully protected after 24 hours after application and since that moment the protection lasts for years.

Nanotechnology is a key driving element to making Nano Ceramic Protect as effective and cutting-edge as it is. By forming a molecular bond with a vehicle's surface, nanotechnology enables our protectants are able to more effectively battle the elements that can harm its appearance. We employ such innovation into our offerings for the auto, RV, power sports and marine markets we serve